Liking this purse..yay or nay?

  1. I think it's real cute! Only brown and green the green, dunno what I can match it with? Is it worth $390?
  2. i like the green because it's different.
    not sure i would pay $390 for it....only because i like large bags. but its really cute
  3. I like the bag, think I would prefer the brown!
  4. it's so cute! i love the blue one thou. i think it's worth it... i mean the wallets cost the same as that one. have you bought from them before btw. i have my eye on the duchessa boston =)
  5. Yeah the blue is sold is nice too imo. I've never bought from them but I've read that they're reputable and others are happy with them. That Duchessa boston is pretty, you should get it!
  6. I hear ya....I just paid $404 shipped for the medium britt hobo and that's gonna fit more than this one. I think it's real cute though!
  7. I like the green as well. It makes the bag look more lively.
  8. it's actually nice, but not really practical...
  9. Good evening purse no?
  10. ^^ yes
  11. i have the brown one and it def is a cutie!!! :smile:
  12. Cute evening purse.
  13. YES! It's so cute!
  14. very simple yet chic...the green is a great color
  15. very cute! i like the brown the best.. but the green does make the purse pop out more.