Liking this Furla Shopper...

  1. This bag looks so soft and squishy! I know my reality is skewed but at $340 it seems like a bargain. It comes in black and a saddle color too. I'm going to try to see it in person this weekend. :biggrin: I have a feeling the leather won't be as nice as it looks but I'm curious. What do you think?
  2. I ran into furla on a rainy day for a rainy day bag. I left with a bag 1/2 pice and just love it. Their styles are definately improving as well as their leather.
  3. I like that one, alot. Simple, but interesting because of the handle.
  4. I think you may be pleasantly surprised by the quality of their bags. This particular style if very pretty.
  5. I've seen the bag in person--actually almost got it. The leather is very nice--great quality. I didn't really care for the polyester lining that's used--but it's not bag. I only passed on the bag because it was awkward to put on my shoulder. It's otherwise a great bag!
  6. Yeah, it doesn't look like a shoulder bag but I guess I'd carrry it like a tote. =)
  7. I gotta admit -- the squishy look got me too. I like it.
  8. Don't forget "buttery"... it looks buttery too. lol
  9. It's a nice soft leather IRL...
  10. I like it!! I saw that in my Nordies catalog and my eyes were drawn to its shape. I think you should go for it!
  11. I'm loving that too. Looked around for it today, but didn't see it yet in the stores. Although they did have a lot similar and in a light blue too that was just gorgeous!
  12. I just bought a Furla wallet the other day and I am in LOVE with it. It's this beautiful, simple, naked-looking leather and it would go perfectly with that bag!
    Daisy, you have good taste :biggrin:
  13. I should look again then! Furla wa shalf price when I went to my mall the last 2 times!
  14. Yikes... it's already sold out on Nordstrom, just the black is left. I see that it has a 3/31 ship date so I guess it wouldn't be in stores yet. I wonder if NM and Saks will get it.

    Eucci: thanks!

    Wicked: Where did you see it--Nordstrom?
  15. Looks nice & useful, and a good price too.