Liking for the wrong reasons?

  1. I've been contemplating getting an MC Speedy. Problem is that I own only 25s (in both Damier and Mono) and it seems to be enough space for me. I do love MC a lot, but I wonder if my wanting an MC Speedy is just a wanting for another MC piece. :shrugs: Do any of you own different sized speedies? If so does the larger one make you feel bogged down by the weight or does the empty space bother you at all? :confused1:
  2. MC Speedy is already a heavy bag with the extra pocket and hardware. I would be careful not to overstuff it to avoid excessive weight. Different size speedies just makes your collection seem more diverse and functional.
  3. exactly
    I'd say go for it it is only 5 cm bigger :p
  4. Go for it, its such a beautiful bag:love:
  5. Gorgeous bag, I have it go for it!
  6. thanks everyone! i guess when you do think about it, it is just 5 cm more. the mc speedy is a bag that i've wanted ever since i got my first LV piece.
  7. I don't fill any of my speedys full......the MC speedy seems bigger, but it is more structured than the regular canvas ones (could be the brass corners). I have 25s and 30s and the MC and I LOVE the MC! Absolutely my favorite bag by far!
  8. If it is the bag you've wanted- I say go for it!
  9. go for it, it is SO HOT IRL!! :yes:
  10. I don't fill mine up to capacity either. It's so beautiful that I could even carry it empty just to carry it:p ;)
  11. If you want it, get it!
    I have all 30's with the exception of the Miroirs which are a bit larger and the Cerises, which is a 25. I prefer the larger ones despite the extra space inside.
  12. thanks for all your input! it is a gorgeous bag...ahh why must MC be so much fun hehe :push:
  13. go for it! I haven't used mine recently but during the fall, it's usually 3/4 empty (or 1/4 so I bring a big fluffy scarf to stuff the bag (cuz I don't like the sunken look) and the scarf serves dual purpose in case I also get cold! :biggrin:
  14. that's a great idea, cecilia!

    and i have decided that i am taking the plunge and will be getting one in a couple of months. now the question is....white or black? eeeee.
  15. i think you should get it!