Likelihood of finding Vernis Infini Alma?

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  1. My BFF has always wanted an Infini Alma. Her hubby is interested in getting one for her 40th. I know they RARELY pop up. He's looking to me for the best advice. Her birthday isn't until September. Shoud he....

    Buy brand new Grand Bleu?
    Buy Bleu Nuit in excellent condition prelovedwhich is available now?
    Wait for an Infini in excellent condition to pop up? What are the chances?

  2. Either the Grand Bleu or even the Noir that came out a couple of months ago. The Infini On the Alma is so close to the Noir. It's gorgeous. Definitely no the Bleu Nuit. Doesn't even compare to infini.
  3. Would you say the Grand Bleu is navy?
  4. My Grande Bleu is lighter than Navy and darker than a Mediterranean blue.