Likelihood of an Online Sample Sale?

  1. I hope vanilla will be on sale!
  2. I am at singapore, I just wonder if it supports the international shipping and how much it costs?
  3. Having read through last year's OSS thread, I was wondering : what's the MAB stock been like in the past? I noticed posts mostly about Nikkis and MACs..

  4. Very slim pickings on the MABs last OSS. More MAMs than MABs. I waited and waited and waited...... did end up with a nice purple shine MAB but not what I was holding out for.
  5. Sounds like a lovely buy! But I totally get what you mean. Fingers crossed there's some better MAB stock this year! And pouches..
  6. I always use Vpost the last few online sale I buy from!
  7. Anybody know what time the sale starts tomorrow?
  8. According to facebook 9am Eastern time.
  9. can you tell me how much it costs you by Vpost to sg?
  10. Nice!

    Forgive any typos, I'm on my iPhone!
  11. One more day!!!!!
  12. I'll be in my kids' classes for most if the day. Don't buy everything before I can get on, ladies!! :smile:

    Forgive any typos, I'm on my iPhone!
  13. RM does intl shipping now. Better to ship direct. Vpost charges has done thru quite a bit of revision. I think I paid S$50ish for just 1 bag the last time.
  14. Thanks!!
  15. It should really start tonight at 9pm lol :woot: