Like your boss??

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  1. I have 3 people directly above me who I work with every day. I like them all generally but I must say some things are wearing thin. What are your thoughts?
  2. I just sent my husband an email complaining about one of my bosses; he's used to it. I have three immediate bosses since I kind of work in three different departments on campus. I have a fourth boss, the director, who is over all of us, although he tries to take a limited role and he's quick to say that Issue A or Problem B is out of his hands when I have a matter that needs to be discussed. Basically he puts it on people who are under him but over me, and it's getting old. Each of the three bosses have wronged me in some way lately, and I'm tired of complaining to the director, so whatever. I don't care anymore. I don't have to like or dislike them, only go to work and do my job well, and I'm not really going to confront them since I like being employed (and I use that term loosely) and earning my few dollars, so I either vent to my hubs or blog about it or put them on my sh*t list to be dealt with later.

  3. The way I've always viewed it is that I am at work to do a job. Thats all. I am not required to like anyone and make friends and vice versa. And the friends I do make at work are gravy. I am required to get along with everyone I work with and striking that balance goes a long way to maintaining peace even with difficult bosses. That said, my bosses are okay. One of them tends to bring all her personal home drama to work and talks about it pretty much all day to anyone who will listen. Its just a good thing I am too busy most of the time to stop and listen. And when she has cornered me I just nod my head and listen and say something like, "I'm sorry thats happening to you right now. That sucks." Then try to change the subject to something work related. Either that or crack a bad joke.
  4. my boss was my friend for 5 years before she became my boss... she is a COMPLETELY different person at work than she is otherwise. she is psycho. we've had it out a few times at work... and i'm not generally one to argue. however.. ive worked with her for a couple years and i know her quirks and how to work around them. but i still think she's psycho. but being her friend outside of work i get to know lots of details about things going on that i would otherwise not know! and i feel like i can speak frankly with her about things.

    one lady that was hired about 6 months ago knew my boss for 12 years... and LOVED her as a good friend. after being hired she was ready to quit after the 2nd week!!
  5. ITA. Everyone has quirks but ya deal with them and focus on getting your job done.

    Most of my co-workers and bosses over the years have been fine and we've gotten along well. But in the few cases where I've had bosses where I don't get along, I keep it cordial and professional, and go about my day.

    When I physically leave work, I mentally leave it too. Makes for much more enjoyable personal time for me, SO and my friends and family - cuz who really wants to hear about anyone else's work problems??
  6. I work at a locally owned company with three owners. Two guys and one of their wives. Believe it or not, the wife is the nicest person and the most laid back of the three. Usually it's the woman that's the evil one. LOL

    The two men are really nice and it's a very laid back environment, so for that, I am very grateful and happy. Everybody is wonderful to work with and everybody seems to get along very well. Now keep in mind, I have only been here for 3 months, so hopefully my rose colored glasses won't clear up. KWIM?

    The one boss (the husband) is the one that I deal with primarily since he was in charge of the art department for so many years (even though he has NO art experience/degree or anything—mainly experience of doing it all for so long before they grew, so that has become a challenge since I studied art for over 10+ years and I have my BFA in design). He is really a nice person, but there are days (today for example), where he can get pretty annoying and very Type A. OMG. Some of his expectations are extremely out there and unrealistic, but since he's the owner of the company, you just go with the flow and hope for the best.
  7. I really like my boss, I actually look up to her.
  8. I am very lucky. I think my boss is terrific.

  9. I HATE my boss. She is a crazy *****
  10. I am 99% happy with my bosses!!! It is just the 1% that usually happens when things become demanding or are not completely understood. I tend to play well with others...I have had many just have to learn what will make them happy, and do your best to make things work!!!
  11. Yes, well, wouldn't it be great if everyone---bosses included---felt this way? I agree that "job" is not synonymous with "popularity contest" (or "fashion show" or "beauty pageant" or "dating service") but unfortunately I have worked for several bosses (I regret to say that all were female) who don't get that. My current boss is moody, defensive, staff-splitting, insecure and hopelessly out of touch with the realities of bedside nursing. She is a complete pushover for suck-ups and is ridiculously lenient with those who brown-nose her. She reminds me of that lonely fat kid from 3rd grade who always got picked last for softball, and now that she's in a position of power she is going to reap her revenge on anyone whom she percieves as threatening to her fragile self-esteem. It really is quite pathetic. There is absolutely no "reasoning" with her or trying to get her to be fair because she freaks out at the slightest suggestion that she is not right all the time.

    This my friends is why I prefer the night shift. My face time with her is virtually non-existent and I can usually get over my fury at her nasty emails by the time I go home in the morning.
  12. I report to two bosses, one 8 and one 6. :thinking:
  13. I think as a person my boss has a good heart, but as a boss she blows. First of all, I don't trust her. She is a horrible gossip, talks about my coworkers behind their backs and reveals things that shouldn't be revealed. All you have to do is walk by her office, she will make a loud sigh and she will say "Oh I really don't want to do this to (insert name)"-Which usually prompts someone to ask "What's wrong?" and then she will spill the beans. She's also a known liar who will stretch the truth to get her way. She forgets what she tells people and then starts accusing people of gossiping and spreading rumors. Rules constantly change regarding staffing, schedules and schedule changes, etc. So no, I guess I really don't like my boss.

  14. :roflmfao: i've had one of those before
  15. I think he's amazing, even if he did just lay me off.:rolleyes: