like this dress?

  1. It's cute..not my style though.
  2. if you can look like that in it. go for it it is adorable!
  3. not a fan...there are so many other pretty dresses on Shopbop though.
  4. It's okay...
  5. love the dress! reminds me of the marchesa gown sienna miller once wore. :heart:
    especially the combination with black tights looks great!!
  6. I like it!
  7. It depends on if you have a bust, it would look really bad if you are bigger up top.
  8. I love the dress. I think it's cute, the rosettes aren't too crazy, and if you could pull it off, then GO FOR IT!!!
  9. whiteorleander that's precisely the dress i thought of when i saw it, although i couldn't find a pic online, thanks for posting!

    i just saw the dress on the NM site so I'm going to the one in Palo Alto to check it out since they usually have lots of alice+olivia, will post pics if I end up getting it! thanks everyone :heart:
  10. when i first saw the dress i didn't like it but once i saw it on sienna miller i kinda changed my mind
  11. I love it! I don't like the tights with it, though. I think it would look better with bare legs and strappy metallic heels.
  12. I love it!
  13. oo i think its really cute
  14. nice!