like this coat...yay or nay?

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  1. need some advice.....I was going to get the lady day coat from jcrew in black and then I spottted this pretty coat from V. secret. I'm not sure about the quality but I ordered it to see what it looks like in person. your thoughts??

  2. It's pretty but from experience I bet the Jcrew coat is better quality.
    Let us know for sure when u get it.
  3. I agree with the above post. I bought my mom a VS coat for x-mas about two years ago and the quality wasn't that good; The coat was very stiff and had no pockets. My mom never gave it back to me to return it, so she's stuck with it :sad:
  4. yeah, i definately agree with both of you. my roomate has a coat from them that she LOVES so I guess that's why I wanted to try it. But I always end up with a ton of bad "cheaper" coats instead of one fabulous j.crew.
  5. as far as clothings, vs does not use good material.
    the only thing I like from them is bra.
  6. It would look nicer if there were buttons!

    I wouldnt pay for VS clothing either, you can get better in quality apparel for VS clothing prices!
  7. It's pretty cute but I think you can find something cuter in a similar price range if you search around some more.
  8. i think it's a really cute coat!!! jcrew is definitely better quality though.
  9. I agree with everyone else. It's a cute coat, but VS is definitely not high quality. J Crew coats last forever. I had one for 5 YEARS. I finally got rid of it, because it was out of style, but it was still like new!
  10. The one from VS is quite cute, but from a close friend's experience, their clothes are very poor quality. You'd definitely be better off with J.Crew's. Do show us what you get!
  11. Yay for the design
    Nay if its from VS

    I agree with all the girls about their quality... I don't really like VS for anything even when it comes to bras.
  12. It's the cutest style ever and I love, love, love the color pink (or black would be nice too).
  13. What happened? I don't see the pic?
  14. I personally don't care for VS's quality. I personally won't buy this coat because it won't work for me. I thnk you are better off buying a ladyday coat from JCrew.
  15. Nay! Go for the J Crew