like this bag??

  1. whats your thoughts on the large musette bag?? I'm tall so I can pull it off. Is is cute or dorky??? TIA
  2. I personally think it's much too large...for anyone. The small Musettes are cute, but I'm just not a big fan of the regular sized Musette. It seems so...blech. :sad:
  3. I´m not fond of it. The shape is so long.
  4. Which one? Does it look like the Perfo Musette? If so, I think you can pull it off..I'm only 5'2 and it looks fine on me.
  5. I think it's too big for me, albeit I happen to love messenger bags. I think the smaller ones (the tango and salsa) are a better fit since I'm only 5'4". But I think you can pull it off. Can you try it on at the boutique?

    There are other bags that I think are cute, too, such as the Trocadero, Reporter, Danube, and Nil.