Like these jeans, not Paris Hilton

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I really like the wash! Does anybody know what brand are these jeans? Are they Rock and Republic, Victoria Beckham's logo?! :shocked:
    Denim.JPG Denim_Paris.JPG Denim_Paris1.JPG Denim_Paris2.JPG
  2. Yup they look like theyre from VB's line.

    (too much make-up for such a casual outfit Paris)
  3. yes, definitely R&R!!
  4. Love them!
  5. Those are one of THE MOST COMFORTABLE jeans I own!!!:yes:
  6. You can't go wrong with Rock & Republic.

    They're super flattering and comfortable!! I have a few pairs and love them!!
  7. is this the first time we see Paris Hilton in jeans... i alwayz see her in dresses...
  8. u can't she hem her jeans? eww.. what if she goes to the bathroom?
  9. rock & republic victoria beckham jeans. kinda hard to find now, especially in smaller sizes. the only place i know that still carries them is planet funk. i've been dying for a pair. eBay has like a ballion fakes. i'd say 1 in 50+ are real :sad:
  10. Yup, definately R&R. I have the same ones and they are super slimming and comfy!
  11. :Push:
  12. Love the jeans! Oh, and the bag!
  13. Love Them All, do you mind dropping me the name/model/wash for me? Pretty please... I want to go order it like ASAP!!! :love:
  14. They are R&R Victoria Beckham Madrid Crown jeans in the Halogen wash. Good luck!:flowers:
  15. Woot! Love Them All, thanks a heap!!! So lucky you already have a pair! *loves it* :heart:
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