Like The Blush Gauffre? Hate the Price? Have a Look!

  1. I was poking around Barney's this morning and saw this. I did a double take because I thought it was the Prada Gauffre like Jill's new blush. This is nearly it's twin and the $860 price tag is certainly a lot more pleasant!:nuts:
    BARNEYS NEW YORK - Welcome!

  2. Wow! It is pretty similar and the price tag is certainly more palatable! Thanks for posting!
  3. i felt this IRL at Saks the other day. the leather is very nice, like the coffer leather :smile:. very smushy.
  4. wow! prada, THANK YOU!!
  5. Thats a great looking bag and a fab price..Great alternative to my Prada...
  6. ooh, i tried this on at Saks a while ago. it's a really great bag....a little small, but that makes it great for wearing cross-body. and the leather is really soft...awesome bag :smile:
  7. ^ should add i never saw it in this color, though...only in white! it's not actually available in this color on'm hunting for it now. this could be the spring bag!! LOL :smile:
  8. there is a larger taller version as well for not much more $$.
  9. That's a cute bag! And the $900 price tag is very reasonable!
  10. i just ordered this bag, I hope I like it as much as I like the pics!!! I saw the large one in brown and that might be my next miu miu, but this is a cute bag.
  11. ^ :yahoo: Congrats sjunky!!! Please post pics when you get it!!! When is she coming?!?!
  12. I tried this baby in Barney's NYC and I LOVED it!!! It was a light brown, though! The leather is delicious! Unfortunately, that was the day I bought my Gauffre and my cc had a meltdown so I couldn't but it!

    Anyway, that Miu Miu is a TRUE BEAUTY IRL!! Enjoy her! I would!! :smile:
  13. omg, that's the bag i am saving up for.....
  14. Oh wow! I will have to go to Barney's and check this bag out!! What a great alternative to the prada bag.
  15. Yay! i got my bag, its a little darker IRL, than the pics. I like it alot! The leather is very soft and smooshy. This is a great casual everyday bag. I will post pics soon , I promise