Like Son Like Father?????

  1. Brad Pitt and Maddox looking the same.......:wacko::wacko:

  2. Too cute...too funny...hey, if he isn't shooting a movie why not??? He is enjoying life, he has lots of money, and he is loving those kids...they couldn't be any more fortunate...where might Maddox be if he wasn't adopted by Angelina and now Brad?
  3. So Cute!!!
  4. lol Aw. Oh my goodness.
  5. i actually think it's kind of sweet- regardless of his relationship with AJ. he appears to be good to the kids.
  6. Yah, he does seem like he loves the kids. I'm not sure where his relationship w/AJ is going thou. I still can't get over the fact that him and Jen broke up. :o(
  7. So so sweet and they look so cute!
  8. The gesture is cute but that's style does not work for him.
  9. I think he's just having fun being a dad to Maddox. As a parent myself, I do silly and goofy things with my little girl all the time. He seems like he would be a good dad to the kids.
  10. yeah, u know jen doesn't want to be a mum......
  11. Aww, that's fun!
  12. It is cute... but I never saw him as a mohawk man... until he got with AJ.