~~~Like OR Dislike~~~

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  1. Love Absolutely!

    Foot massages?
  2. like

    professional teeth whitening
  3. like ( haven't had one yet but would like to one day )

    drinking water
  4. Love.

    Herbal teas?
  5. Like.

  6. dislike

    the color orange
  7. Like it (but not for clothes)

    Same q
  8. like it on other people

  9. Like

    hot weather ?
  10. Dislike.

    Antique shopping?
  11. Like

    watching Storage Wars?
  12. DISLIKE!!!!

    Wearing eyeliner?
  13. dislike

    watching reality shows?
  14. Like sometimes

    watching game shows?
  15. Like.

    Fois Gras?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.