Like OMG I totally love this place!!

  1. This site is my dream come true!! All my favorite purses *drool* I cant wait to spend Daddy's money on more purses!! Like I'm totally loving this. OMG people thought I was crazy for being obsessed with purses but like everyone here totally agrees with me. You ppl are as shallow as me!! :yahoo:
  2. OMG I love u allready !
  3. Hey, you are in the right place. There's nothing like looking at or discussing lots of purses to lift my mood. And you can't help but learn, too. :amazed:
  4. Welcome!
  5. You just reminded me of something.

    /me runs off to find a sugar daddy.
  6. bahahahhaha
    Darwin that was gold lol :P

  7. :lol: Now that's hilarious! I've been tempted to find me one myself. My want list is getting way to long.
  8. Welcome to the Purse Forum!!! And be prepared to spend, spend, spend :smile:
  9. welcome ^^^^and so, so true
  10. This group has swallowed my banking account whole....j/k
    It's the greatest place for people who love all kinds of bags but be prepared to be seduced and enticed.
    I've found out just who much self control I have...not much. LOL