like new Magenta City on ebay!!! SB $674

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  1. Seriously drool everywhere! The leather is amazing on this one!
  2. I sooooooooooooo want it!!!!!
  3. ^^ go get it meemee dear!!!!!:wlae:
  4. WOW get it meemie. That bag looks brand new. GORGEOUS :drool:
  5. O.O.... good luck MEEMIE
  6. i :heart: it
  7. Wow.... terrific bag good luck meemie!!!
  8. :confused1: Does anyone know what happened with this one? The seller ended the listing and then relisted it with a BIN of $1200. I was really thinking about joining the fray, but I didn't want to get in meemie's way. I imagine the seller did this so a particular buyer could get it. Does anyone know who?
  9. I too was watching this listing with a sniper! And then it was BIN-ed!! What happened?
  10. Someone got it is it a PFer?
  11. I emailed the seller all ticked because when the auction first came up I asked about a BIN and she replied that "It wouldn't be fair to the other bidders" So when I saw the auction had ended with one I was mad!! She said that her best friend, who took care of her while she was sick wanted it so she couldn't say no. Then she said that the best friend had insisted on the price and going through ebay. Personally I think it is a bunch of crap as what best friend wants her best friend to pay ebay fee's.
  12. awww meemie... :sad: That does sound like a bunch of crap... Maybe the seller was worried it'd go at the lower price and went for it when someone offered her a price she wanted.

    That's so not right to refuse people the BIN "to be fair" and then end up doing that!
  13. frustrating! Sounds like BS to me too.
  14. I was watching this and it appears that she ended the auction before the 12 hour limit when she saw it wasn't going to go as high as she hoped it would. She wanted that price for it but was hoping to avoid the fees, at least that is my guess. But it was totally wrong of her to not contact you before posting the auction with BIN!! Either that or she saw how much she could get for the bag and did the BIN. Same thing happened with me and a turquoise city a few months ago. That is very frustrating!! Sorry!!