like new lv lenore available...

  1. at 1750.00. i have no idea if that is a good price or not, but it looks new. fyi!
  2. I think that it's a little under the retail price. I saw some on eBay selling for less, but AFF - Ann's Fabulous Finds is a reputable website and a trustable seller so sometimes it 's better to pay more, at least you are safe.
  3. Pretty, but oh so small.
    I love Ann's she gets good stuff too.
  4. It's so cute.
  5. i haven't checked that site out recently, and i obviously let some good items get away by not doing so! the mono speedy 30 sold for only $295??? that is the best price ever!
  6. hmmm i don't really like the lenore. hopefully someone here who loves it would get it!
  7. Wow that's a pretty leonore. I :heart: mine to death, although I rarely use it. Contemplated to sell it once, but it didnt sell (thank god), I think it belongs with me :idea:

    I dont think leonore is that small, but it doesnt have an easy access. That freakin' belt should've got a magnet closure or something like that to make it easier to open and close. That is the only complaint I have on that bag.
  8. ^ Too many LVs have those buckle type closures, you think they'd find an easier way for us to get into them. They do look good, but what a PITA.
  9. That's a pretty Leonor...^^^and u guys n Ann's right about the "killer" buckle in her description...It's great for aesthetic reasons and all tho' 'cos I cannot imagine the S-lock looking quite as fantastic on this bag...
  10. It's a very stylish and elegant bag but I agree with you.
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