"Like New" Hermès Mini Kelly, Not in Condition Described

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  1. I recently bought a "like new" mini Kelly from a reseller in Asia. It's my first time buying from her and she's a fairly well-known Hermès reseller from that region. While the buying process was difficult for me — time zone differences leading to slower communication, having to pay for authentication services prior to buying, seller not giving me the right ABA number and other info for wiring hence I incurred unnecessary extra fees, etc. — I was still thinking positive because it was a style I really, really wanted (currently obsessed with mini bags like most) and in a color I adored. Today the bag came in the mail and I excitedly tore the package open... only to be confronted by a strong cigarette smoke smell when I held the bag.

    I had asked the reseller, more than once, during the buying process to confirm that the bag could pass for new, and she said yes. But here I have a "like new" bag which reeked of smoke, looked a tad duller than the photos I've seen (I have a Lindy in the same color and the Lindy just looked more vibrant, although I know the leather type plays a part too), and have minor scuffs on the handle (close to where the strap attaches, so it could be rubbing from the strap's metal hooks) and inside the bag. I can overlook the little scuffs but the smell gets me bad as I'm hyper sensitive to tobacco smoke. My chest tightened and I started coughing horribly as I tried to air the bag out in front of our Dyson purifying fan. I'm going to have to send it to the spa if home remedies (baking soda, tea bags, dryer sheets) already suggested on the forum doesn't work for me.

    I know I can't really do anything else at this point but it is really frustrating when it happens. I just want to share my first experience of buying from an Hermès reseller here since DH and my other girlfriends don't really get the highs and lows of Hermès (or any) bag collecting. It was honestly a lot more work than buying from the store and I would happily keep cultivating my relationship with my SA since it feels more genuine and less stressful, although eventually getting the bag takes time. I'd love to listen to your incredulous buying stories and commiserate together! :heart:
  2. Sorry to hear of your disappointing experience. Can you return the bag? Have you tried those bags of charcoal? Airing outside? I think there might be info re getting rid of odors in other subforums. Since H doesn't spa the inside of bags, IDK if they will get rid of the odor. Also, you should seriously consider posting in the reseller thread and identifying the seller so no one else has this type of experience.
  3. Have you reached out to the reseller to see if he or she can propose a solution? I would do that first, then post your experience on the reseller thread.
    I would also PM Docride to see if she can add any other ideas to mitigate the odor.

    Best of luck.
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  4. Yes, please return! Especially if you are experiencing physical symptoms. I don't think that smell will ever dissipate completely.
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    I'm in the process of trying out various home remedies! Will add activated charcoal to the list, thank you! :heart: Airing outside doesn't work for me right now because the air quality is bad (fire season) and DH has a moratorium on leaving any doors or windows open. :doh: Heavily relying on our Dyson air purifiers now. The thing about this reseller is that she's polarizing. Folks already talked about her here: some swear by her, and others just hate her. So I had decided that I was going to go to her without preconceived biases and try to work with her... I don't hate her but I won't work with her again. At the end of the day, the bag is authentic, just not in the condition described. I've learned my lesson!
  6. I have messaged her... Waiting to hear what she says! And I will definitely PM Docride too, thank you! :heart:
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  7. Oh dear. I'm trying out tea bags, airing out in front of an ionizer, and baking soda right now. If these steps fail I'll move on to activated charcoal as suggested by @lulilu, and airing out in an ozone room. I'm hoping it will come out like what the others have said on older threads. :doh: If it helps, I will update on my results!
  8. I would return it. These bags aren't cheap. Even the entry level B/K/C on the preloved market are not cheap so much so to overlook cigarettes smell.
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  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your experience! If the cigarette smell was not listed then I think the seller was being dishonest. When buying things online it's easy to forget asking if the bag has any smell - I would return it! Good luck!
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  10. I know, right! This mini K cost me more than 2x retail but it was because I really wanted this color. :crybaby:
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  11. She was, and I sure she knew it too. I messaged her and I'm waiting to hear back. :hrmm:
  12. Why dont u try to resell the bag to other reseller or consign it dear, what was the bag you got? Color and leather and stamp
  13. While it is tempting to do that, I did buy the bag because (like I said initially) I really wanted a mini K and it was a color I adored. I also don't have the patience to flip bags. :lol: I messaged her with the intention to see what she had to say about the smell because I was hurt about her omission.

    You mentioned in your DM that you had a bad experience with the same reseller as well! Would love to hear your story. I kinda wished I read more stories packed with details because ultimately there were many people saying don't work with so-and-so but few provided clear details. (At least, from my searching.) From those who did it seemed to me a 50-50 situation with her so I went forward trying to be positive from the start.
  14. Are we still not disclosing the seller's name? Whether you return it or she gives you a partial refund to your satisfaction, or she doesn't give you satisfaction, you should disclose the seller.

    Is the color so unique that you want to keep a used smelly bag that you paid twice retail for? I would ask to return it. Mini kellys seem to be showing up for sale around the internet these days.
  15. Don't take "no" for an answer, you should absolutely be able to return this, or find other remedy through your credit card. Doesn't make sense to try to resell yourself or consign it.
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