Like New 05 Sky Blue Work 1299.99 BIN

  1. ooh, this looks terrible to me.. am i wrong?
    well anyway, no one bid on it, so at least it's not an issue.
  2. hellooholly - I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Can you explain? :smile:
  3. :shrugs: :shrugs:
  4. oops, just being daft. it always looks so strange to me when bbags are all fully stuffed and shiny, plus the colour was bizarre on my screen; so only having glanced past it i automatically categorized it together with the rigid plastic fakes. don't mind me :blush
  5. Hi, I am the seller of this bag and I want you all to know that I sell many balenciaga bags from my own collection. All of my Bags are authentic and all of my buyers have all been very satisfied. This bag is not plastic. I stuffed the bag so that the variations in the leather can be seen (when bags are not stuffed, sometimes you can't see all of the leather). And then the buyer gets it and see a scratch or tear that was not in the picture because the bag was slouchy. Perhaps I should retake my pictures. What do you think?
  6. I think it is gorgeous! Sky blue is one of my favorite colors. If I could get that handle over my shoulder I'd buy it in a heartbeat!! I really prefer for sellers to stuff the bags when they take photos. Its impossible to see the true condition of the leather unless you expose all of it. I think your photos look great. Best of luck!!!
  7. Price just went up to $1399 OBO.