Like my new top? :)

  1. [​IMG]

    not sure waht to wear it with though :S
  2. its cute. if its not too long then you can wear jeans or jean capris. if its a bit longer you can do leggings.
  3. I think it's cute, with a (skinny) jeans
  4. oh and any suggestions for a little "over" jacket?
  5. It would look great with dark jeans or white capri denim shorts. Very cute! Who makes it?
  6. topshop
    I saw M by Madonna - meh
  7. Oooh, cute! It'd look great with some jeans and a cropped jacket.
  8. wow so cute, great for spring/summer.
  9. great with a cropped black jacket and skinny capri jeans. And some black or white wedge sandals!
  10. that's really cute...i would wear it with skinny jeans, a fitted jacket over it when it gets chilly and some pumps or flip flops, it all depends on whether you want to dress it down or up.
  11. I love it!! I think it would look cute with skinny jeans and maybe white heels.
  12. Very cute-
  13. hehe thanks girls! I can't wait until summer is finally here!
  14. very cute! i would wear it with jeans.
  15. cute....
    it looks great with jeans