Like my new Duffle bag?

  1. [​IMG]
    Its a Harajuku Lovers :heart:
    By Gwen Stefani :heart:
  2. Aww it's really cute :biggrin:
  3. Thank you! I really love the gwen stefani charm on the left, its super kawaii!
  4. I Love Gwen! She's a wild chick with a great talent. Do you mind telling me how much the duffle was? I am too old but my niece isn't.
  5. Thats cute, great for weekend travel ;)
  6. Soooo cute! I love it!!!!! :smile:
  7. I love Harajuku Lovers!! They have some of the older styles at our local Ross store right now. I picked up this one for $28.00:yahoo:

  8. double post, ack!!
  9. Cute!

  10. am i missing something? i don't see the pic.
    nevermind, it showed up when i quoted you
  11. I got mine from TJ MAXX it was $50 but i have some connections and got it for $20! My friend got a Pebbled Leather Dooney for $40!
  12. I love it!! also, such great deals! I want:shame: