Like my fake Louie?

  1. Today a lady commented on my Louie (vintage mono petit noe) and asked how I liked hers (very cheap looking fake multi white speedy). How do you react to people like that? I just said I prefer the vintage pieces but I ALMOST said I prefer REAL Louis Vuitton!:yes:
  2. I would probably just say "that's nice" or something. I don't like to get into things like that with people.
  3. if it was indeed fake, i'm sure I would reply with nice too bad its fake and walk away. I'm not going to put on a happy face to someone carrying a fake. Sorry!
  4. I would just say "uh huh" and then ask where they got it. then see where it goes from there. Most people ask me where I get my bags off the bat, when I say the Louis Vuitton Store in ... , they tend to leave not ask me authenticity questions.
  5. I would say, "Oh" and that's it LOL Or maybe, "I've never seen that kind before"
  6. "No."
  7. She sounds like she needed validation.. I like your answer in that you didn't exactly give her your stamp of approval.

    I'm not sure if I would have the good grace to do the same though, I really hope she was just sadly mistaken about hers being the real deal.
  8. I think what you said was admirable. Who are we to judge anyway...
  9. You took the high road! Good for you! It sounds like she knew hers was fake and was wondering if it was obvious. :yes:
  10. I wouldn't call her on it, as she may not know it's fake. I'd just smile and say "Nice." You could always ask where she got hers. If it's a gift, she may be unaware it's fake, and I'd hate to embarrass someone.
  11. I could not in good conscience tell someone her fake bag was nice. But I'm not sure if I'd come right out and tell her it was fake. It's possible she might not have known. But it's also possible she knew hers was fake, and thought yours was also. That kind of thing would infuriate me.
  12. lol i would ask her where she got it!
  13. She may not have known it is a fake so why not let her know?? But if she was aware that it is indeed fake..then that's a different story!
  14. I agree.

    I would say something like "I hardly ever see that style around here..." :whistle:
  15. I would say "I like mine better cause it's not a fake"