like klara or not? why?

  1. just curious...
  2. I LOVE IT! I love the shape, size, everything about it. I would have gotten the one on let-trade but I have a list of a few other things that I have already allotted my allowance to! LOL
  3. i don't like seems too big for a shoulder bag..and i don't like twin straps..i like mizi though..but only if they made a smaller one :love:
  4. I prefer the Mizi, the shape is not right to me
  5. Not for me...don't like the gathers.
  6. i am really not fond of the straps. i prefer the mizi instead.
  7. I don't like it. The double straps look kind of odd to me.
  8. I absolutely LOVE it. Although, I've never seen it IRL.
  9. i love it too... not sure why... i just do!
  10. ITA! Mini Mizi would be lovely! :love:
  11. Adore the Klara, would love it to be my first mongram!
  12. Love it, just never got it. When it first came out I couldn't justify paying $1000 for it though.
  13. I tried on the klara irl when it was available in stores. The double straps don't pivot and it's difficult to get in and out of the bag. I also ultimately prefer the MiZi, actually I LOVE my mizi!!! =)
  14. oh and the klara reminds me of the blois bag. Imo.
  15. i can see that... i never thought of it, but i see what you are saying...
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