Like it or Hate it: Nicole Richie's Dandelion

  1. :jammin: I like it too. :heart:

    She's got a very nice singing voice. Actually it sounds much better than her speaking voice. :upsidedown:
  2. wow. her voice is pretty good
  3. Seems like everyone is "singing" nowadays... I think she's better than Paris though...
  4. She has a great voice.:jammin:
  5. wow... her genre of music i think is very 'folk'

    which surprised me b/c she didnt fall into the 'pop' category.

    she has a nice voice!
  6. I like it, too.
  7. I like it too
  8. I like it more than Paris´s song :smile:! But still this is kinda boring and I bet that it´s not going to be a big hit.
  9. i love it i heard it ages ago but i love it
  10. WOW! its pretty good
  11. WOW!!! I really like this song!!! Is it on the radio yet? I can't wait to hear it.
  12. I read that she has a very talented is not just something she is trying to do right now. She has played instruments and always sang. She does sound really pleasant. Great for her!
  13. Ack! I wanna listen so bad, but DH is sleeping beside me!! I've been waiting to see what this will sound like.
  14. She has a good voice ! I didn't care for the actual song though ... it could grow on me , as songs sometimes do .