Like a GST but not?

  1. Hello, Need bag info help.

    I'm looking for the name of the bag that looks like a GST, but it zippers and there is no leather over the chain in the shoulder area.

    Does anyone know what bag I'm talking about?

    I've seen it in several sizes, like in a PST too, but not in stores.

    Anyone know the price and where to get it?

    Also, does it come in silver hardware? (I've only seen gold)

  2. Missisa, I thin kthats it, But for some reason the pics dont load. Do you know they price and if its still around? Have you seen it with silver ?
  3. Oh, I love that!!! I've been wanting the GST tote, but don't like the open top as much. So this is closer to the GST than the PST size in the regular totes?
  4. ^Really? The pictures work fine on my computer.

    I believe it's $1,550.
  5. It's 1750. I saw it couple days ago at SCP boutique.
  6. It's like a "baby" GST. It's the got the same width to height ratio as the GST, but with a zippered top and no leather on the handles. The PST is different than the GST, because the width to height ratio is different (it's more "narrow"). Does that make sense?

    Here's a comparison of the PST to the GST.
  7. I saw a bag that I thought was this bag at Saks recently with silver hardware, but it was a whopping $2,495. I think it must be a different bag, because it has two pockets on the side and a center zipped section. I wonder what this bag is?
  8. ^Hmmm. I doubt it. That's more expensive than the GST.

    Maybe it's the lambskin version? Do they even make a lambskin version? lol, I'm not sure really.
  9. JayJay77, which Saks did you see it? And do you remember what size it was?
  10. It was at Saks NYC and it seemed more like the size of a PST.
  11. Ok, I'll check it out. Thanks
  12. Ok, I'm really confused.
    So, only the small petite timeless tote has no leather padding on the shoulders?

    I want a large timeless tote, with no leather padding, do they exsist?
  13. This is the one I have, but in caviar. It was $2225 for caviar in May/June. Maybe the $2495 is the the lambskin?
  14. thanks so much for the pic! much appreciated. :smile:

    that is exactly what i'm looking for then. the PST is too small for me but the GSt doesn't have the zipper. This is perfect. thanks!!