ligne cambon

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  1. hey

    Not sure if this has been asked already (searched and couldn't find the answer). Has the ligne cambon line been discontiued??? cuz my friend went to holts today and the sa told her it was discontinued and she really wanted a tote.

    thanks angelie
  2. Wow! How ironic! I called in my Chanel today to ask if they still had Cambon pochettes, but I've been told the same thing. Actually, I've been told they've been discontinued for 2-3 years now!

    I had another question about the Cambon though, on the Chanel Website, it has the Cambon bowling bag listed in the "Classics". Does this mean it's just classic, as in, you'll always see it around, or is it like a bag that they'll never get rid of? (kind of like the Gucci Classics on their website)
  3. there's actually a LOT of threads or posts about this.

    No, it's not discontinued even though some stores have chosen not to order it.
    NM almost always stocks it and when I was in Florence, Italy in may they confirmed it's "continued" in the SA's words.
    Chanel has even gone as far as adding it to the Classics group.

    Some colors were discontinued a few years ago, but not the ligne.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.