ligne cambon..."permanent line"??

  1. I was told that cambon is going to be a permanent line.
    The "latest" ..seems to double C (patent) black on black..I was looking at the tote..seems smaller compare to some pics I've seen.
    Any1 here ..can help on the measurement of the shopping tote available ???
  2. I love the black bowler with the patent C's :heart:
  3. I went to the Chanel boutique yesterday to check those out, but they told me that the Ligne Cambon is now officially discontinued. :sad:
  4. It is still sold in Italy
  5. May be! it has been so successful among celebrities and us.
  6. my SA told me that the chicago boutique is "so over it' because of all of the fakes out there. It's practically impossible to get the cambon ballet flats too because they have not re-ordered them. It isn't that they are out of production, they just have not ordered them.

    I get sick to my stomach when i see the fakes cambons. it is really irritating. well,fake anything is irritating. period.
  7. I don't know about the bag but latest some Cambon shoes were already on sale here in London. The bags are still available here in Boutique.
  8. That's the reason y ..I was hesitating in getting it..but it is always in the Chanel Boutique...dun really like the latest perfo changel bags...just wanting to buy another 1 more "casual" tote bag..sigh..:hysteric: just bght a gst.:yes:

    Thks girls for yr replies
  9. There ARE tons of fakes around Chicago area, I agree, but I have never personally seen the Black w/ Black Patent CC's faked ... mostly Black with White and White with Black and a few Pink with Black.
  10. Has anyone seen a Grand Shopping Tote for sales in Chicago. I was going to go to the Chanel boutique tomorrow to see if they had any or if they have some type of tote bag in red or purple. Does anyone know what they have in stock there or at Neiman Marcus? Is there trunk show tomorrow? Anyone know the time they will have the trunk show? Is anyone going?

  11. Well..I don't really think they should take that kind of a stand on their own product. What about those who still want to buy the authentic thing, yet their boutiques aren't ordering/stocking them because they have attitudes like that? I don't get that at all. If they have requests, that means there's still a market for the pieces.
    I guess I should be happy I got my one pair of Cambon flats
  12. ^ I think thats an isolated issue. my chanel still has cambon pieces and continues to get them, including the flats. I suppose its the store buyers decision what they want to reorder for the stores. Every region is different, im sure california stores carry different bags then the east coast stores because of demographics, market demand etc.
  13. Yeah hopefully..
    I'd still like to get another pair of the Cambon flats..I already have the black/black patent but I'd like another color. Unfortunately, the store I got them at (SCP) only had that color and white..and I really don't want the white ones..if they were white with a white patent or something then I'd consider it but the white/black isn't my favorite. At least not for the flats anyway.
  14. I personally love the line, of course I'm sick of the fakes. I hope they don't discontinue it-the pieces I have hold up so well without my having to "baby" them.
  15. They might still have Cambon bags in stock, but there's no new models coming out. :crybaby:Unfortunately.