Ligne Cambon Messenger Bag???

  1. ANYone have a pic of this seriously considering buying it..I have the flap tote and love the line...LET ME KNOW!! THANKS!!!!!
  2. Jill, I love the Cambon line too. I have the large messenger in white with the black CC. I got it when the line first came out a couple years ago, and my DH still says it is his favorite Chanel style bag that I have (which says alot because he hates white bags). It is a fun bag if you like a cross-over body style bag (hands are free). I think a black one would be very pretty (I also have the black bowler with the white CC and love it... got it at the same time as the messenger). The cambone line is just 'fun' and a bit more casual just like it was meant to be (with the CC off to the side and the different tied-end straps). I don't have a pic though right now for you but the size of it is about 7 in across and 10 high and about 2 deep.
  3. Oh THANKS SO MUCH! If you could post a pic of it..I would be forever grateful!!Does it hold alot???I like BIG bags...!!!!!
  4. Sure. I will take the pic of it in between a large and jumbo classic then you can get an idea of it's size in comparison to those. Would that help? It is in-between the two size wise. This one is good to hold the 'the necessities' (wallet, keys, sunglasses...) but not much more. So if you want something bigger in a messenger style this one may not be it. I will post (or at least try -- first time doing this), once my DH comes home to help me download from the camera.
  5. Here you go.. I hope it helps you decide. First pic has on the left is large classic, then Messenger, then jumbo classic. The second pic shows you how think the messenger is compared to even the large classic flapover (so you can see it won't carry a tons of stuff).
    Resize Pic 198.jpg Resize Pic 199.jpg
  6. Beautiful bags you have there, Goldensx5!
  7. WOW-Thanks Golden..That was so sweet of you to post those photos-Thats the large..I could of sworn the one I saw in September(In Chanel store in France) was BIGGER???HHMMMM........
    Ok- Now its between this Chanel bag and the green LV denim GM bag....what to do....!!
  8. Thank you Kat. I hope showing the 3 size differences help Jill with her decision.
  9. Great pictures, Goldensx5!
  10. It very well could be that there is a larger version... but when I got it (very early spring of 2004 when the line first came out) at that time they had the small and what they called the large.... Maybe at that time what they thought was the large was the large to them because they only had the two sizes in the messenger. I was not 'up on the sizes' of them then, I just thought it was a fun, hands free bag that would fit what I needed. It definitely won't hold a ton of things. I'm sure they would measure each one for you if you called. And if they have one that is larger than 7 x 10 then you know there is a true large out there for you.
  11. that is the medium...and its gorgeous! i had that same bag in the pink, but i didn't like how it hung on me so i exchanged it for a pochette and a cc holder. it is cute though! and very practical!
  12. golden, those bags are gorgeous!
  13. OK- I called Chanel and of course the large messenger is sold out....If anyone has seen it at Department stores...would you let me know!!!I am looking for a black one..THANKS!!!!!!!
  14. ^^^ Sorry to hear that! Maybe that will help you narrow down the Fendi B/LV denim choices easier (unless someone can come up with a large msgr for you here).
  15. Here's a picture of my large messenger bag next to the cambon bowling bag. The messenger is one of my favorite bags. Sorry if the pics are too large...