Ligne Cambon Chanel

  1. Hi all,
    I'm considering a Chanel (instead of another Louis) and wanted to get some input about styles that are most popular and seem to be a great bag to carry. This is one I am considering but I wonder about the light camel color and what to wear with it? Cambonchanel.JPG
    If it were a solid color, I wouldn't be as concerned. I have no idea what I am doing but I think I'd like to make the plunge and get a Chanel. I saw one a friend had 2 years ago:drool: ...loved that one but it was sold out when I checked at the Chanel boutique.:shame:
    Is there somewhere online that I can see current styles easily? I tried checking but it isn't easy to navigate like eluxury. There is no Chanel boutique within 150 miles of our home so I'm hoping to check them out on eBay or else next weekend when I am in Indy.
  2. That color has been discontinued and will be hard to find. They do make this style in a black w/patent CC's and also a chocolate color w/patent CC's and maybe some other colors, but I'm not sure. This particular style is called the cambon bowler bag. I don't think Chanel's website has any cambons pictured. Try checking out the reference library here in the Chanel section of tpf...there might be some cambons pictured in that section. Or if you know the color you want call the 800 Chanel number and they can check to see which boutique might have this bag available. Good luck.