Ligne Cambon and Cabas owners ...

  1. Do you still carry these or are they relagated to closet status?

    I actually carried my cambon bowler recently and I overheard a comment - some snotty woman was like oh there is another fake, and the least she could do is keep up and buy a newer fake - ... I kept my cool and didn't say anything but wow ... what a comment. Am I not supposed to carry bags I have spent thousands of dollars on?
  2. oh, i'm so sorry that you had to hear that. that snotty woman obviously can't tell the difference between an authentic and a fake handbag. and :tup: to you for keeping your cool...if i was you, i'd have most probably told her off, that i don't carry fakes, etc, etc...

    of course, we're allowed to carry any bag we love...especially one that we've spent so much $$$ on. we are all purse lovers:lol::lol:
  3. I recently bought a Cambon! LOL!
    It's relatively timeless IMO, maybe that's what you see faked usually but they're VERY obvious.
    Actually, I see more of another bag faked right now, it's one Chanel never made.
  4. Who cares what anyone else says...geez, people are so out to lunch and just say mean things because it makes them feel so much better, although I am not sure why. Just ignore them.
  5. can't argue w/ that!
  6. I still carry my Cambons, and proudly I might add :p
  7. No one has mentioned, so far, that you also asked bout the Cabas... I adore mine. I use it everyday.
  8. Uh, what a rude comment! Keep wearing your Cambon girly! I'm not going to retire mine because of an ignorant person.
  9. I happen to love the Cambon ligne no matter how much it is faked. All that matters is I know mine is authentic.

    I didn't love my Cabas at all when I owned it.
  10. Oh, that was rude..

    At least you know you can distinguish an authentic from a fake..
  11. ITA! Wear your bag with pride! She was probably envious of you. And she obviously needs to attend Chanel 101. Really, the only important thing is that YOU love your bag.

    By the way, I have a Cabas and I love mine to bits. I'm too busy being on a high at wearing a Chanel that I love, that whatever looks or remarks are directed at me, simply slides off me ... ! :wlae:
  12. That's sad how people just assume everything from the Cambon ligne is fake. Ignore her. You must be very patient and nice, because I would have told her off!

    I have the baby cabas and I just used it today. :yes:
  13. so imprudent! i would probably stare at that lady and roll my eyes looking at her as though she've said something insane. :boxing: jealousy makes people do silly things, i guess we're better off with our GENUINE chanels knowing we're pleased with them than those who don't get the chance to own one (even money can't buy them class) and be sour about it. :nogood:
  14. I still use my cambon.
  15. I'm contemplating buy a baby cabas. In fact, I'm 99.999999% getting it; I just need some enabling.

    I despised the big cabas bag on sight so I never clicked on the threads and gathered that there was a baby version...when i saw it I was in LURVE. (I like the lack of logo and the cross between structured and not. And the chain handle; it's just so cute.)

    So I'm really buying it because I love it and not because of the hype (which i gather is now over.).

    Once can't go wrong if you do things that way. Enjoy your bag in good health.