Lightweight Oil Free Foundation

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  1. I'm new here but have been lurking for a while! I was wondering if any of you had any good suggestions for an oil free lightweight matte finish foundation, even a tinted moisturizer. I'm looking for something for Fall as I normally don't wear anything but powder in the summer. I've heard that Trish McEvoy, Laura Mercier and Prescriptives have some good products. Anyone have any ideas!

    TIA! You all are so informative!
  2. Prescriptives Virtual Skin foundation is my favorite. It glides on very smoothly and is blends into the skin so well that it looks flawless. And the colors are not too orangey or pinky. (It is oil-free and very lightweight.) I go through this stuff like crazy!
  3. Elizabeth Arden makes a great tinted moisturizer. I always recommend Bare Escentuals foundation.
  4. Bare escentuals foundation? I don't wear foundation usually, but when I need to cover a blemish or something, it works great and I don't feel it
  5. Stila Natural Finish Oil Free fdtn. is excellent. Looks so pretty & natural on the skin. I love it. If you want something even sheerer tarte Smooth Operator is wonderful.
  6. I've been using neutrogena as my base foundation for years - I swear by it.
  7. Bare Essenctuals works so amazing!

    I never really used anything on my face (only moisturizer) until recent. Now, I wear it almost everyday! the 'Base' makes my skin tone even out, the 'Warmth' gives my skin a tint of glow, and the 'Mineral Viel' (in my opinion) gives me a matte finish!

    Its such an awesome product... I LOVE IT.

    the only down fall is that, the make up rubs off. I have to be extra careful when Im changing in and out of shirts. Other then that, I recommend this product.

    --- Ive never use any type of foundation at all prior to the Bare Essectuals. So I dont have any other foundation to compare to it.
  8. I agree with everything said here word for word!
  9. Chanel tinted moisturizer is nice too.
  10. i say giorgio armani. i think its the best
  11. Anything with mica in it makes my skin break out in a rash. Then the skin flakes up and peels off all over.

    Not attractive.

    So definitely test on the inside of your elbow before buying Bare Essentuals, Bare Minerals, or any other those mineral powder foundations.

    MAC also makes my skin break out in blemishes. Too bad. Great colors.

  12. I wear Bare Escentuals and love it. But, sometimes I just wear Neutrogena Tinted Moisturizer and it's great, a little hint of color. I used it when we're at the pool, hiking, biking, etc. I believe Neutrogena has a light tint and medium to match your skin tone.
  13. Fiona stiles matte finish foundation concentrate