Lightweight Leather Bags

  1. Besides Balenciaga, are there any other designers that have beautiful leathers that are not heavy? TIA!! :flowers:
  2. My vote for second would be Bulga...not only is it a light bag, the leather is so nice & smooshy:smile:
  3. I have an MJ "wham" leather satchel which is super soft DELUXE and lightweight. I'm sold on that.

    My Kooba that just arrived feels like a ton of bricks.....heavy leather, heavy hardware. I may return it. I'm making up my mind....

    Also Tano is soft/light too isn't it? Juicy has a cute little soft satchel out right now, though I've not seen it in stores other than one little boutique.

    cole Hahn?
  4. Bulga and Hayden Harnett come to mind.
  5. Thanks everyone, I will check out your suggestions! :heart:
  6. Bulga & Gerard Darel
  7. bottega
  8. Hobo international parachute leather!!!!!
  9. Bottega. Their leather is TDF and worth every penny!
  10. Marc by marc jacobs...light and luscious! :smile:
  11. Gerard Darel
  12. IMO my furla bag is very light too :yes:
  13. I find BV bags to be the lightest and easiest to carry.
  14. Tano!
  15. For me, they have to be Furla,Gerard Darel and Ferragamo.