Lightweight aviators?

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  1. I love aviators but pretty much all sunglasses leave red marks on my nose, the heavier the worse. I'm looking for a super light pair and I was considering Ray Bans but I've heard they're heavy. Are there any models/brands that make very light metal frame aviators?
  2. Oliver Peoples makes some really light weight aviators. A lot of celebrities wear oliver peoples sunglasses. If you are after an aviator the Oliver Peoples Stummer is really light weight, but you should try on their other aviator styles too.
  3. I have Chanel aviators ... very lightweight (for me) and comfortable. I can wear them all day long.
  4. ray ban aviators are the lightest sunnies! they are also very durable (and the price is a plus)
  5. I own a pair of Ray ban aviators and they do leave marks on my nose. They've the best quality though.
  6. I also own a pair of Raybans-they're incredibly light and maybe I haven't worn them long enough to get the marks on my nose, but they're amazing! I'd recommend the Cockpit model :smile:
  7. I'd buy a real pair of aviators - as in, the actual military type. They're less expensive and as good to nicer quality than many of the designer brands. They're also very lightweight.

    American Optical is the brand, they run $40-$70/pair and there are several different styles.
  8. maui jims make the really really light ones for men, maybe they make them for women?