Lightest Weight Leather Bag You Own Or Have Experienced!!

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  1. I am searching for a new bag that will go on shoulder and IS VERY LIGHTWEIGHT!!! I search all the websites and love so many of them but you can't tell from a picture if it's lightweight or a back-breaker! Let's share our experiences and I will start with the only one I feel qualifies as super lightweight: Anna Corinna mini City.
  2. prada nylon if you are not looking for leather! otherwise, mulburry araline, very very light! longchamp leather is not too bad too!
  3. balenciaga
  4. Gerard Darel 24, lightest bag I own.
  5. From what I am told.....Balenciaga's leather is feather-light!
  6. Tano
  7. Botkier Bianca
  8. my tano bag is the lightest I've carried
  9. My Balenciaga first weighs less than 3 lbs when she's fully loaded. No kidding! It doesn't even feel like I'm carrying a bag!
  10. My Not Rational mini sub has super lightweight leather and my Kooba Devin is also very lightweight.
  11. balenciaga
  12. Mulberry Araline - completely bucks the usually heavy Mulberry trend.
  13. balenciaga first!
  14. ITA lovely and soft too.
  15. My Chloe Betty hobo bag is super light.