Lightest MJ/MBMJ Bags?

  1. I'm a relatively new convert to Marc Jacobs - I absolutely love his designs and I love the quality and feel of the leather. My only issue is that his bags are so gosh darn HEAVY! In your opinion, what are the lightest MJ/MBMJ bags?
  2. Out of all the bags I have, the Ursula Elise is the lightest. If I carry anything else, I'm getting a one arm workout.
  3. my MbyMJ turnlock tina is fairly light.

    and I'm gonna go out on a limb and take a guess that any of the fabric mbymj bags are fairly light too
  4. Yeah the elise I find pretty light. My MbMJ teri is nice and light. The MbMJ F07 turnlock hobo is heavy as hell! And so far my MP (non large) is pretty light but I haven't put anything in yet
  5. my lightest mj bag is the mbmj turnlock bowler. it's virtually weightless!
  6. The Emily bowler and the wonder bag are pretty lightweight. For some reason, I don't feel the weight after I've been carrying them for a while like I do with other brands.
  7. agreed on the turnlock bowler. It's very light in comparison to other MJ/MBMJ bags. The heidi is a similar shape and size, I wonder if it's pretty light too.