Lightest Bal design (thats not a mini)

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  1. Hi! I'm thinking of getting my first Bal. The thing is, I have scoliosis and cannot carry heavy bags for too long a time. What's the lightest of all the Bal designs? The regular size, not the minis. TYIA for the help, ladies :smile:
  2. Would you want to carry it on your shoulder, or arm, or hand, or want all options?

    I think the day style bag (shoulder or possibly arm) is very light weight, yet it holds items comfortably. The Boston style is pretty light too and it can be worn cross body, shoulder (strap doubled) or carried by hand. There are other styles that I am not familiar with such as the town which may be even lighter weight; I am not sure though. Hopefully others will chime in here soon!:wave:
  3. I have back issues and carry the City with RH. It's super light weight. The g12 and g21 hardware adds a little weight to the bags so I stick with RH. Good luck.
  4. I may want to have the option to carry the bag in all ways, but mostly, I think I carry my bags on the shoulder or cross-body, as I'm most comfortable this way. Does this mean the City is my best bet? (Sorry, I'm new to Bal so I'm not sure about the options)
  5. The city's strap is not long enough to wear cross body; it is shoulder length.

    How much do you carry in your bag? I really like the Boston style. It is light weight, yet holds more than the city. The Boston can be worn cross body!
  6. ANd what about the town?
  7. It really depends on your lifestyle and how much u will be bringing out as well.

    To me the city is already very light cos i used to carry bags that are so much heavier even when empty.

    The day and City i will recommend but both can only shoulder carry, no cross body
  8. Same as Shopaholicmania, I will recommend the Day and the City. They are both very lightweight. As also mentioned though, these can only be either held or be put on the shoulders, and not be worn cross-body. I can personally attest to both the City and the Day since these are the two Bal styles I have; the other styles, I will defer to the other lovely Bal ladies to further discuss. :biggrin:
  9. The lightest weight Balenciaga bags are Flat Brass Hardware from 2001-2002 (they are feather-light it's nuts!), then the "pewter" and "classic or regular brass" hardware thereafter will be light weight compared to most designers. Anything "Giant" is heavier, and with double-handles the giant hardware is quite heavy. Classic Brass/Regular Hardware styles like the Day/City/First/Part-Time/Town/Velo/Work etc. give you a wide variety of Balenciaga options that don't weigh much. Good luck!
  10. Thanks for the input, ladies! My favorite bag is the Goyard Fidji which weighs nothing. That's the best one for my back though I will go try out the City and the Day, given your suggestions. Thank you again!
  11. Just chiming in to say that I also have scoliosis, and I would recommend you avoid the G21 (original giant) hardware. I have a G21 Velo and it is absolutely brutal on my back to carry. My current favorite is the Town, which is somewhat smaller than the City, but it has the advantage of being a crossbody style. My next Bal will probably be a Town with regular hardware. :cool:
  12. I have problems with heavy bags and find the City and Boston work well for me. In my opinion, my Boston feels better. However, I have only had it a month but it is a very comfortable bag for me.
  13. One suggestion I have would be to get a cross body style like the Velo because the strap can be looped through the rings and made into a shoulder style. If I carry my GGH Velo for a few days in a row (as a cross body) I notice that I do get one shoulder that feels different than the other, so I switch it into shoulder style and the weight is distributed differently when I wear it like that, and it makes it easy to switch sides or carry with the handles.
  14. I agree with everyone else: RH City would be your best bet. Holds a ton, can be carried on shoulder or by arm, classic silhouette. Can't lose!
  15. Thanks, all! I haven't had the chance to try out the options personally yet but I found online a seller that has a Day bag in a good price range. This is a pic she sent me. What do you think - ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395543118.215868.jpg