Lighter than Camel, Darker than Mastic

  1. I saw someone at the mall today carrying a beautiful City in a color that seemed lighter than Camel but darker than Mastic. I've looked through the color charts and can't figure out which one it is. Does anyone have any idea? Looks like the exact color I am looking for. Thanks!
  2. sandstone?
  3. Not as "beigy" as sandstone. It's actually very close to Camel but not as dark...Anyone own a bag in Truffe? It looked pretty close on the color chart but I couldn't tell for sure
  4. It sounds like you might have seen an 05 Caramel. This color name is often tagged incorrectly to the 06 Camel, but is lighter and a creamy tan color. Check it on the 05 color chart and see if that's it. :shrugs:
  5. Thanks Conni618! That's the color! Now to go looking for one:smile:

  6. I knew about it because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, :drool: it too! Good luck with your quest!
  7. 05 Caramel
  8. Is the 05 Caramel the gorgeous color in Z&J's avatar? I've seen pics here and there where it looks really orange. Those have scared me off a bit, but the description here and that picture look like a stunning neutral color.