Lighter H Bags and Denim/Dye Transfer?

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  1. My "uniform" is typically denim or black pants. A question for those of you with lighter colored H bags... Have you ever experienced denim/dye transfer onto your H bags? Or is this not an issue with H? TIA! :flowers:
  2. i have a gold swift sac marine and it has never been a problem....not like those bettys socal!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yes, my Chloe horror stories! Want to make sure it is not an issue with H... Doing research at the moment...
  4. SoCal

    I think it depends on the type of leather of the bag rather than the brand. Suede seems to be the biggest problem. I've had the dye from black cotton and blue denim come off on light coloured suede bags before, and horrors, recently with the trend in long skinny jeans, onto the heels of a pair of suede shoes.

    It usually only happens when the clothing item is new-ish and the dye hasn't properly "fixed". After a few washes, the item'll stop transferring dye.
  5. Thanks, WN! My experience with Chloe was insane...I had multiple denims that were well, well worn transfer onto multiple bags...want to make sure this does not happen with H... Trying to decide if I should go dark or light with my next H purchase... (Keeping myself distracted from potential impulse purchases by thinking very, very carefully about my next investment...)
  6. Ugh, sounds awful SoCal. This was a leather bag, not suede?

    Darker is usually the safer option. I love high maintenance stuff (think cream suede, white coats in winter etc), but it's too heart-breaking.

    After wrecking a few things esp in winter in London (go there about twice to three times a year) where it's just filthy, I've learnt my lesson and keep to dark, low maintenance where possible. The idea of croc in rain makes me shudder with fear.

    I haven't had dye transfers to my H bags yet. One is a JPG so it's a little further away from the jeans, but the other is a 35cm, no accidents so far. (OMG, is there a smiley for "touch wood"??)
  7. Yes, the bags were leather...and the jeans 7' who knows...something about that Chloe/7 jeans combo...

    Knocked wood for you...hmmm...ebene, noisette, gold, bj...
  8. Be wary on Banana Republic Jeans. I've had a dye problem (jeans bleed) onto my suede boots esp in rain. Called BR twice with the same response: You washed them, they are yours, no returns.
  9. yep - the dye from my new jeans left a mark on the toile of my Herbag on the weekend.....I removed it with soap flakes and cool water - totally gone!
  10. I haven't had a problem with mine (BJ Clemence). :flowers:
  11. Hmmm, maybe that's a reason (excuse?) to get my next bag in ebene. :P

    I think there's something to do with the fashion for the very dark denim washes now in vogue. The ones that stained my shoes were very dark Earnest Sewn. First time I ever had a problem with denim marking.

    Did the stain come off the Chloe or is it there for life? :yucky:
  12. I had it the other way round: my Chanel's jeans tote dye on my cloth...
  13. my jeans were notify and the bag chloe.....maybe it was something in the bettys..
  14. ^ I had transfer with betty, silverado, and paddy hobo...betty was permanent (a bit remained even after a re-dye), I did not test permanence of the silverado transfer, and dye on the paddy hobo came off with coach cleaner (not recommended)...

    CB, Glad to hear BJ is resilient!

    WN, Yes, perhaps this is a paranoia = need for dark bag, perhaps ebene...but my SA is thinking a "fun" or bright color ( and BJ are bright in my life)...ugh!
  15. SoCal, how about going all the way and try with yellow? Can't get any brighter than that.