Lighter color purses - do they show dirt a lot more?

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  1. I'm ready to make some online shopping for MK backpacks and although I would like a black one, only lighter color ones (yellow, blue) are in my budget for now.
    I'm worried about the color being too light to show dirt or smudges easily and wanted to hear from you guys who own ones.
    Thank you.
  2. I own a saffiano Greenwich drawstring in the lightest color of all- optic white. I have to say, I wore it straight for two weeks and nothing got on it. I wouldn't be concerned except with denim color transfer. That tends to be the worst culprit IMO.
  3. The only problem I have had with my lightest color (coral coin purse) was through being careless with a pen in my work tote and the biro ink marked it, other than that I have been using it for weeks and it's held up really well.
  4. Denim transfer is the worst!
  5. I had a Selma in Blossom Pink and there was minimum transfer of denim and I did get some dirt on it but it was easily washed off because it was a saffiano leather and there are also some sprays you can use that seems to help.
  6. I think soft leather in lighter colors is harder to maintain, saffiano in light colors are easier for me I think. I haven't had a problem with ballet saffiano yet but I'm also pretty careful. My blush wallet also is high maintenance, I haven't treated it with anything but I haven't used it much since I know touching it after touching my money and cards it will inevitably get dirty.
  7. This is my only concern with lighter colored bags...I gravitate toward black bags because I don't want to be worried about color transfer. I have my eye on a Dark Khaki Sutton, but I'm so worried it will get dirty.
  8. You'll be fine with Dark Khaki. My DK Selma has never had any special treatment and its totally fine. No issues. I don't think I even protected it with anything....