Lighted Make-up Mirror

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  1. I have been looking for a lighted mirror. I want one that I can plug in- I had one that took batteries only and it was a pain. I have read BUNCHES of reviews on many different lighted mirrors on Amazon. Everyone seems to hate all of them! People keep complaining that the light isn't bright enough or the bulbs blew out in a couple of weeks.
    So I decided I would come straight to the source. You wonderful Ladies!

    Anyone have a lighted make up mirror that they actual like?????:shrugs:
  2. That looks cool. I have one in my room but I find i do my make up arse ways the light isnt great on it.
  3. I have a revlon one but i dont use the lights, i dont think they do anything at all! infact they make me look worse and not natural so :shrugs:
    we do have a large mirror with side lights in the main bathroom which is good but its a little large for a makeup mirror in your room type thing
  4. It strange, I can't find anyone who has a lighted makeup mirror that they actually like. Weird.
    the one l_choice2001 posted seems good, but it is compact. I want a large one that can stay on my vanity.
    any more suggestions? keep em coming.....
  5. I have used a Clairol True To Light for years and years. It is uglier than anything you could imagine, but the daylight switch is perfect and helps me keep a natural look. Mine broke a few years ago and I was dismayed that I couldn't find anything like it so I ended up buying one on ebay. I just keep it out of sight when it's not in use.:love:
  6. I remember when those things were available everywhere! Now, they are so hard to find. They're so useful too... but boy were they BIG and ugly.
  7. I bought one at Brookstone that is, eh, OK, but the magnifying side is like 100X and who wants to see their face that close up? It's truly horrifying! Good for eyebrow plucking though.

    So the other day I picked up another one at Target, I think it's a Revlon. It has 3 levels of light, all of them inadequate. Thank goodness it was only $29.99!
  8. I have a Homedics one with 3 light settings and comes with a cord. It is 7x magnification on one side and the other is normal. I really love, it's great for plucking eyebrows and doing eye make up really accurately. I haven't had any problems with mine and I have had it for about 1.5 years. I got mine for AU$75 (approx US$55) but I'm sure it would be cheaper there. HTH :smile:

    This is the one here:

    HoMedics: Spa Reflectives™ Illuminated Beauty Mirror
  9. Thanks ladies!!!! I need to post one on my Amazon wish list!!!
  10. I have a revlon one, I really like, got it at target for like 20 bucks
  11. I'm reviving this thread since I'm in need of finding a good lighted mirror that preferably has a plug insteaed of requiring batteries, and is very bright so I can see clearly. Magnification is fine, but not necessary. Anyone has any good recommendations?
  12. I can't remember what brand mine is, but it was <$30 and I got it at Target or Walmart. It's oval, plugs into the wall, has all different light settings (fluorescent, daylight, etc), and you can flip it and use either side-- one side is a normal mirror and the other is magnifying. I use it every single day and I have no complaints!