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    Handbags To Light Up Your Life

    Amanda Gore in Technology, Womens

    [​IMG] Solas Fashion 'inspired by the healing powers of light and colour' have produced handbags that light up when open. An idea born from not being able to find her keys at night, creator Kara Kurcz decided to incorporate a neon light into the frame of her bags.
    Combining design and functionality with spirituality the bags come in a range of styles and choice of light colour- orange for 'sensual healing', yellow for 'self esteem', purple for 'self reflection' etc. It may sound like just a gimmick, but it's one that many girls in the US are already embracing- the bags have been seen in most of the gossip magazines, thanks mainly to celebrity endorsement from the likes of Vanessa Manillo, Scarlett Johansson and Cameron Diaz.
    The cheesy blurb on the site states- "Our symbol represents the four elements; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Every clutch comes with a detatchable charm that will help motivate your day and inspire your life". The claims may be grandiose, but that's not deterring the customers- nor are the clever multi-functionality ideas including detachable straps that double as necklaces and wallets that become evening clutches- the newest styles are already on back order.
    Solas Fashion
  2. I have been eyeing these for awhile. I think these are really cool, but none of the Solas bags they have on the site right now have really caught my attention. I like the concept of the light up bag(how handy and unique is that??!), but I am waiting for a style that I really love.:yes: The serendipity in teal, the grace satchel in white and the elanor are ok, but I am not really feeling a need to jump, yet.
  3. A few years ago I bought a small bag at Target that lights up when you open it. I packed it for an emergency evening bag. It was about $12. I had no idea I was so fashion forward lol.:graucho:
  4. ^ Yes and they also made make-up bags that lit up in the '80s, didn't they? My Mum had one.

    They weren't this dramatic, though!

    The bags look OK, nothing special, almost certainly machine made; but then, I'm pretty fussy these days! :shame:
  5. What a bright idea!:idea:
  6. ^ HeHeHe! :lol:
  7. My mother in law had this idea about 20 years always said she should go for it
  8. It's actually quite a good idea!
  9. Seems like a very good idea when you a fumbling around for your keys at night!
  10. Not crazy for the bags on the website but seems like a good idea. I wonder how often you change the battery and the bulb and are they a pain to replace? I think someone should invent key chains that light up when you open your bag and then for once I would be able to find my keys.
  11. In the newest OK mag, that red headed girl from That 70's show is holding one. Seems a lof of celebs use it, lots of pics of Cameron Diaz with it.
  12. I bought my mom a double handstrap nylon bag for Xmas that lights up when you open it. I think it was by Franco Sarto and she loves it!! I've never seen one before and she said that every time she uses it a cashier always comments on it.
  13. I have the small black one. It's really convenient when you're clubbing. I love mine!
  14. What's wrong with the fumbling around approach and the embarrassing attempts to put a lipstick in your lock? It's kept me going for years!