Light Silver Reissue in 226

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  1. Can you guys help me locate a light silver reissue in 226? I can't find one here in HOng Kong.. :sad: Thanks! :biggrin:

  2. LOL! It's not yet winter and we girls are looking forward already for the s/s! :biggrin:
  3. yep you're right !thankfully we had this info to long for after the cruise bags which as it seems do not appeal to most of us!
    Rica unless you've found a 226 lgt silver from a b or store .I'd suggest you wouldn't buy one from e-bay-they're so overpriced!;)
  4. Forgot to add that the new S/S bags will be at the b/stores around March !
    4 months left to go it's not that far for the loyal classic Chanel addict hehe!:whistle: