Light Silver Reissue in 226 or Silver Luxe Flap?

  1. What do you ladies think is more pretty? The Reissue or the Luxe Flap in Silver??

    And is the Luxe Flap in Silver still available?? Thanks!
  2. I like both. I think the reissuse is classy and the luxe flap is more casual. They are both in my wishlist though.:graucho:
  3. LOL. Yeah I know.. Me too! I like them both.. But the problem is.. I can't have them both! lol..
  4. :heart: I like both too~
    If I can only choose one... I think I'll choose light silver reissue!!!!
  5. I go for light silver reissue, more classic & chic! Last forever...
  6. i'd go for the reissue (in a dark silver?) because the light silver to me looked like aluminium foil, it was really bright. didn't the luxe flap in silver and gold had metallic rubbing off issues?
    in any case, i always prefer the reissue over the luxe flap.
  7. Just for style, I prefer the luxe flap hands down. In fact, I just love the entire luxe line. So edgy. The luxe flap is funky, looks great, and is spacious. It's my favorite bag of all the Chanels that I own.
  8. I vote for the reissue - sooooooooo gorgeous!!!! :love: :love:
  9. i prefer the reissue.
  10. I also think the luxe flap in silver had some rubbing issues (the gold bowlers did, and when I returned mine, I was told that the silver did too - not good). Personally, I prefer the dark silver reissue to the light silver, but between your choices, I would choose the light silver reissue! :smile:
  11. I prefer Reissue. =)
  12. I'm going to have the dark gold reissue already by the end of this month so i'm not putting dark silver reissue in my list.. That's why I wanted a Light Silver Reissue instead.. Hmmm.. I guess the vote is more on the Light Silver Reissue than the Silver Luxe Flap, eh??? Let's see... Is the Silver Luxe Flap still available though??
  13. But will it be too much if I already have the gold and the navy patent, then I will have a light silver reissue too? Or should I get another style since I don't have any other styles rather than the medium flap and reissue?!
  14. Hey. :smile: I'm pretty sure you'd have a hard time finding the silver luxe flap in stores now... eBay might be your best chance, but if you really want it, you can try to call around (though the rubbing issue for that amount of $$ may not make it worthwhile). :sad: Ohh, you're getting the dark gold and navy patent (I remember you mentioning so in past threads), so pretty yay! :yahoo: If you love the light silver reissue, I don't think three reissues are too many! :p I think the navy patent, dark gold and light silver are pretty different actually... the dark silver and dark gold I remember seeing in a thread (Mon's) are pretty similar though, but the light silver is more of a true silver. I can't wait to see your pics!! :smile:

  15. Mina! Thanks for the advice! :biggrin: I guess you're right.. With the rubbing issue for the Silver Luxe Flap, I don't think it's worth it... I'd go for the Light Silver Reissue after my Gold Reissue arrives! :biggrin: Yay! :biggrin: Thanks again! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: