Light Silver Reissue, by day and by night...

  1. I got my light silver reissue a couple of days ago. It is the 226 size. I also ordered Tory Burch ballet shoes that I can wear with it for a casual look (jeans and such), and a pair of Louboutins that I thought would look nice for an evening out paired, with a skirt or dress. Anyhow, now that all three items have been delivered and I see them in person, I'm not sure I'm crazy about them, including the reissue. It reminds me of aluminum foil a little. lol (Plus, I spent like $11K in the last week and would love to feel good about returning something! lol) So truthfully, what do you think?
    Chanel 002 467x350.jpg Chanel 003 467x350.jpg Chanel 004 467x350.jpg Chanel 005 467x350.jpg Chanel 008 467x350.jpg
  2. Hmmm....if I need to return one, I'll return the ballet shoes
  3. Thank you, IceEarl!
  4. I'm also considering returning all three, and just getting a black reissue.
  5. Love the bag and CL's. Not much of a Tory Burch fan, particularly in that color combo.

  6. ITA! took the words right out of my mouth
  7. hmm, how bout a dark silver reissue if you don't like the "foil" look? i'm not sure if those are available anymore?
  8. I think the light reissue is a fun purse. It can also be dressy. Not too crazy about the ballet flats. Love Tory Burch, just not that color combo.
  9. All the items look great to me - return something?! That is a hard one - I am really no help esp. in returning such beautiful items as these. :confused1: Good luck....
  10. If you need to return something should be the ballet shoes-although they're very pretty...The Laboutins are hot hot- love them-:love:!Concerning the light silver..hehe it's my fav Ch bag :nuts:!I've got it in 225 and I adore it !Your 226 will be fit for any occasion with anything on!I personally don't like the oxidised chains the black met has:sad: but this my humble opinion only!
  11. It sounds like you're not loving the reissue too much. If you don't love it 110% then I'd say return it. When you spend that amount of money, you should be loving it 110%...
  12. My subjective opinion:

    Return the TB shoes. I like the flats but not the color combo.

    The Louboutins are nice, but unless you love them return them too.

    I saw a light silver flap last weekend and if you are not a light silver person (I am not - a little too blingy for me) I would return that too. This bag cost too much $$$ not to love.
  13. I love the Tory shoes, but the beige and silver color combo I just don't care for. I'm also not a fan of the bag in silver, I think black would be much better.
  14. I agree with everyone about returning it if I don't absolutely love it, and I don' why is it so hard for me to do?!?! lol And on top of that, I don't love with pair of shoes either! Thanks for the opinions!
  15. I have the silver reissue and absolutely love it! Great casual w/a denim jacket and also great for evenings. I would return the Louboutins and exchange the flats for a different color combo - silver/black, maybe?