Light silver reissue available

  1. My SA was holding a light silver in size 226 for me just in case I didn't like the dark silver one, and I've decided on the dark silver. PM me if you are looking for the light one and I'll give you her info.
  2. Is there a 224 or 225 in light silver?
  3. I think Hirschliefer's has a 224 in the light silver. Try them.
  4. i just saw a light silver on display at chanel in short hills, nj. try calling there if you missed this one.
  5. Thanks azaelea! I called and reserved it! They are sending out on Monday!:yahoo:

    ldldb - I missed out on yours, some other lucky lady beat me to it!
  6. gwen10 - You are lucky! I still can't make up my mind. Show us pictures once you get it!
  7. gwen10, i'm so glad you found another one! tell me how much you love yours when you get it!!
  8. glad i could help gwen10. i'm still waiting on my black metallic 226 from them... got impatient and went in to ask and spotted the light silver.
  9. how much does a light reissue costs?
  10. the 226 is 2350$ before tax
  11. ^have you seen any black metallic in 226?
  12. ^no, I haven't. In fact I'd love to see one in person myself...
  13. I saw the black metallic 226 and 227 at Nordstrom's Canoga Park on Saturay, they were onhold for someone, but they were both amazing! the black was more a matte, althoug metallic and really stunning. I like the 226 size over the 227, the 227 was a bit larger than my caviar jumbo.

    The 226 size seems a bit more versatile.
  14. ^ the 227 was on hold for me! i'm going to pick it up this weekend =D