Light Silver Or Dark Red?

  1. For a first reissue..which one do i get, ladies...light silver or dark red..
    going for the 226 size..
    pls be honest with ure opinions, ladiesh
  2. Personally, I'd prefer the dark red. -I feel like the light silver is harder to work into day, and the shade is a bit trendier (vs. something more neutral like the dark silver) because it is very metallic/blingy.

    A beautiful red bag can be worked well into day and night given the right corresponding outfit (and will likely be more timeless -Red bags will always be in demand/sytle), whereas I feel that the light silver would be more of an evening/going out kind of bag... for your first reissue, it should definitely be one where you can maximize it's uses! -But that's just my opinion because regardless, they are BOTH beautiful! Good luck with your decision!
  3. I agree! And IMHO, i think light sliver is a tad more neutral than the red but I wld go for the red:tup:
  4. I like the dark red....
  5. Another vote for dark red!!!
  6. dark red!!! some people might say dark silver only because it seems like a more "neutral" color, but you HAVE to have a red chanel! the dark red will match with everything! maybe except green unless its christmas
  7. janny328 just said everything I wanted to say

    go for the dark red, gal.
  8. Dark red.
  9. I'd prefer the dark red.
  10. I love dark red as well!
  11. Dark red!
  12. I think the dark red would be too tempting to pass up.
  13. Definitely Dark Red...
  14. Another vote for dark red!
  15. Definitely dark red!