Light Silver & Dark Silver Reissues - Coming Back

  1. Brendan from Chanel on 57th just informed me that Chanel has ordered more Dark Silver and Light Silver reissues in the 226 and 227 size - so anyone who missed out has more opportunity.

    He also mentioned that Chanel ordered a "metallic black" reissue in 226 & 227. This sounded interesting so I'm on the waitlist.
  2. Ooops, I meant to post this in the main Chanel forum... this is probably where it belong however.
  3. Thanks, Mon!!! I have a dark silver but the metallic black sounds interesting!! hmmm... LOL
  4. Thanks for the great news Mon!! :nuts::nuts:

    Metallic black sounds yummiee.. :love:
  5. hi smoothporter, i was wondering if you have any idea as to whether dark silver and rose gold are the same shades? or did chanel have reissues in both colors?
  6. Hi Mon, thanks for the info!!! I am looking for the dark silver. Do they ship international? TIA.
  7. :nuts: Great news! I like dark silver~
  8. The rose gold is called "copper" on this reissue, it is not the same as "dark silver". The dark silver is more of a warm gold tone - not sure why they called it "dark silver" actually. The "light silver" is a true light silver - like aluminum foil.:yes:
  9. Call Brendan at Chanel on 57th Street in NYC 212-355-5050. I'm not sure if they sell internationally, but he'll help if he can I'm sure. Please tell him Monica from tPF recommended him. Thanks.:p
  10. Thanks for posting! I'm really curious to see what the "metallic black" looks like.
  11. Thank you so much Mon, you're such a sweetie! This bag has been so hard to find in Singapore. *keeping fingers firmly crossed*
  12. Mon, would you say the dark silver is a warmer colour than the light silver? Could you possibly describe the 3 colours in more detail. I have actually not seen the reissue in either copper, light or dark silver up close in person. :sad: :sad:

    Thanks so much.
  13. This is the Dark Silver on eBay. It actually looks more goldish in real life. Let me get a picture from my collection.