Light Silver and Gold reissues coming back at BG

  1. Hi! I was just in BG today and my SA said that they are going to get in light silver and gold 226 and 227 reissues for pre-fall :smile: :heart:
  2. Oh That's good news. Prefall means we can see it in store ard early June right?
  3. wow thats good news. do you know how much is the price ? tia
  4. .... & what about the Rose Gold reissue??
  5. My SA actually sent me a lookbook for pre-fall/fall but it's in powerpoint. Let me see if I could convert it to PDF and I'll send it out! :yahoo:
  6. I would love to see this. Can you please email it to me?
  7. i've had alot of requests to email the lookbook but does anyone know how to convert it to PDF so everyone could see it and i don't have to email to each person individually?
  8. ^^
    You wouldn't be able to convert to a PDF unless you have access to Adobe Writer.
  9. I have a printer at work that will convert it to a PDF File.:yes: PM me and maybe we can work it out somehow. I'm off now to get ready for work. I'll be back on a computer in about 2 hours.

  10. Ohh please do. I will spend my summer vaccation in France, starting early June. I predict this is gonna be an expensive summer :sweatdrop:
  11. Well, I hope they release the reissues in some other colors besides silver and gold. Don't get me wrong, I like the silver and gold, but I am hoping for some other colors too.
  12. Am dying to seeeeee the ;lookbook showwwwwwwww plzzzzzzzzzzzz
  13. Can I have BGs number please...I live internationally what is BG?

    PS Will they get them in the same chain as the first reissues...I cuoldnt mak out from the look bok ppics...and gasp was that a dark silver in the pic SWeetSparkle....or anyone???
  14. BG is Bergdorf Goodman:

    754 5th Avenue (58th Street)
    New York, NY 10022
    (212) 753-7300