Light Silver 227 pictures finally + Random Chanel!

  1. So here are my July hauls despite the bag ban I put myself on :/ Light silver 227 which is my absolute love! and this navy blue chanel that is oh so soft.. no idea what it's called. Plus my mother finally let me take out her jumbo? sized chanel flap with chanel all over it!

    Going off to the land of Chanel so I can imagine I'm gunna be helluva excited running about paris :smile:

    Too bad I'm allowed to only bring one bag with me, so I'm bringing the rock and chain flap (I already feel bad for all my other babies =/)

    And no I didn't get the last bag in the end.. Ashkewhatever.. forgot what it's called hmm
    Macau and Chanel - 09.jpg Macau and Chanel - 04.jpg Macau and Chanel - 08.jpg woof!055.jpg woof!007.jpg
  2. My navy blue whatever bag which has the SOFTEST leather of all.. gosh it's soo buttery soft, I got it 2nd hand from one of those station shops they had lying about hongkong and macau.
    Macau and Chanel - 57.jpg Macau and Chanel - 56.jpg Macau and Chanel - 58.jpg Macau and Chanel - 55.jpg
  3. And the chanel bag with all the words splattered over.. someone posted about it before, the black version thoh.

    And that's it :smile: Going to try sneak some photos while at paris :smile:

    take care all :smile:
    Macau and Chanel - 68.jpg Macau and Chanel - 72.jpg Macau and Chanel - 69.jpg Macau and Chanel - 71.jpg
  4. You have such a gorgeous collections!:drool::heart:
  5. nice collection. Nice reissue.
  6. Ohhh.... your mommy's jumbo is adorable!
  7. Love them all! I have the silver reissue too (in 226 size) and love it! Looks great w/casual outfits like what you are wearing.
  8. haha thanks guys! I love that something she has for years and years can be so loved by me :p

    and gwen I agree! I would have thought the silver would be more for night time, but boy I've been using it more in the day (probably cuz of it's size of 227), but I love how it shines against any casual outfit.. with blue it's just gorgeous!!

    and because I'm a geek I love it when I wear a green skirt with black shirt and carry my silver reissue cuz.... slytherin colours haha!