Light silver 226 reissue **Pics**

  1. Hi ladies!

    Just wanted to share pics of my new light silver 226 that arrived today. Now this bag is definitely me! I bought this bag sight unseen after seeing all the beautiful pics, and I'm SO glad that I did. The 226 is the perfect size, and this definitely won't be my last! Thanks for letting me share. Oh, please excuse the messy guest bedroom, I have no more space in my closet for clothes and bags.

    **Click on the pics to enlarge them**




  2. Omg Jenn!!!! :nuts: :drool: The silver reissue looks just stunning against all black, and you look absolutely gorgeous with it!!! :heart: It's definitely the perfect silver replacement and then some for your bowler! ;) Haha, I know the feeling of running out of space... but you'll always find room for new loot (like a metallic black sister perhaps)! :p
  3. Very nice... what a beautiful purse. Congrats!
  4. Minal,

    Thank you! Did I mention that you look amazing w/yours? :yes: I'm SO glad that I got this bag! It goes w/everything! Actually, the reissue puts the silver bowler to shame. :p

    Thank you Birkin123
  5. That looks beautiful Jenn!

    Are you keeping both light and dark silver, in addition to the grey lady braid? And are all 3 reissues in 226 size? I'm still debating whether I should stick with 226 dark silver and metallic black or do 227 met. black. How do you like the 226 size?
  6. Aww, thanks girl! :smile: The 226 is just gorgeous on you... you really can wear it with anything and it'll look hot!! :heart: ITA, it sure does... reissues are TDF!! :p


  7. ^^Thank you! Yes, I'm definitely keeping both. The grey LB bowler is a definite yes, as well as the 226 black metallic. As far as size goes, I honestly love the size of the 226 more than my jumbos. It's in between the size of a classic flap and a jumbo. The 227 is a great size and holds quite a bit, but I found it to be too long e/w wise for me. I think the 226 black is more versatile because you can use it during the day and it's small enough to use as an evening bag.
  8. ^^ You have convinced me Jenn! I will stick with the 226 size I pre-ordered. I can't wait to get them.

    You always look absolutely AMAZING! I think you can carry a trash bag and look elegant.
  9. Great size for you!! I tried the same color in 227 and that was how it looked on me. I guess i'm just bigger than you :p
  10. Oh my Jenn, that reissue looked gorgeous on you! That's it...I better run to NM tomorrow(even if my girls need to miss their swimming class) to put my name for a 226. :p
    Congrats and enjoy all your new goodies!
  11. it's absolutely stunning & gorgeous!
  12. ooh Jenn, another gorgeous bag! I'm so jealous!! aha

    the silver reissue looks great on u..oh no, I think that will be one of my next targets! lol..

    anyway, congrats!! LOVE it
  13. Jenn, you always look so good with any bag slung on your shoulder - maybe you can pave the way for designer Glad bags and we'd all save a ton of loot!!

    Love the color, LOVE it with black - you go!!
  14. ocgirl: :yahoo: Please post pics if you get a chance. LOL, ok now you're making me :blush: Have you decided which bags to axe yet?

    erm_chan: Thanks! I loved how much the 227 holds, but it's a tad to wide for me. I already have too many big bags anyways.

    petals12: Thanks! LOL, run as fast as you can, the bag is a show stopper IRL. Enjoy your new goodies as well!

    Thank you mylilsnowy

    minami: Thanks! I think you should make this one of your next target too! So are you loving your gorgeous patent reissue? :heart:

    Roey: Thanks! LOL, you're too funny. This silver definitely fills the void for my silver bowler and then some.
  15. Awww!!!! So pretty!!!!