Light silver 2.55 flap available

  1. My SA just got one in but I'm passing as I'm waitlisted for the dark silver one. PM me if you want her contact info.
  2. Idldb, do you mind if I ask you how much is the light silver 2.55?
  3. i believe it's around 2300?? i'll have to doublecheck with the SA in the morning!
  4. The light silver is the 226 size and it is $2350. For the ladies who have already contacted me about this bag, please call my SA now--she's at the store and has one on hold under my name and I believe only one other bag. Good luck and post pix if you get it!!!
  5. ^Thank you so much.. :tup: you're the best
  6. :dothewave: yipppee my SA confirmed that two of you have bought this bag from her. I'm so glad this gorgeous bag is going to loving homes. Please post modelling pix when you get it!!!

    PS: she also said she's getting 2 more and was talking to a "Jessica from Las Vegas" about this bag. She doesn't have your phone number so if you talked to her today please call her back! I'm sorry but I didn't get all of your real names in your PMs to me in order to PM you back :confused1:
  7. Awwww... No Cash, No Cash.. Must not look, Must not look!! But I want one!!! huhuhuhu...